Becoming an Altar Server can be an important element of your child’s spiritual growth and development.

Serving at the altar allows your child to experience the Mass in a new and special way.

Please know that we want all of our servers to be comfortable while serving at the altar, to grow confident over time, and to realize they have a special role at the Mass.

We are grateful for their participation and we hope that serving is a positive and faith filled experience for them.

At St. Elizabeth’s Parish our youth are welcomed to join the altar server ranks provided they are of a certain age and maturity and their parents support their commitment to serve.

Generally we train 5,6,7 graders in the fall and 4,5,6 in the spring.

All youth should have made their First Communion.

Please fill out the form from the link below or call the Rectory at 413-583-3467 .

Thank you