St Elizabeth Parish has an Evangelization Committee!


What is evangelization? It means spreading the good news of our faith in word and deed through our lives. We all can share God’s message of love somehow.


Our diocese has encouraged each parish to reach out and help others rediscover their spiritual roots. St Elizabeth parish has an evangelization committee to identify ways we can reach out and rebuild our faith community. After much groundwork, we are reaching out to you to join in the effort!


What does the committee do? The committee is made up of 3 teams, which are preparing to offer ways to help you reach out to others and renew our faith community. The teams are:

  • Hospitality team: they foster a welcoming environment and plan and offer community events to reintroduce our parish to the wider community.
  • Outreach team: these folks are willing to contact those who have stepped away, speak with them, and welcome them to “come back home.” They plan events to engage people to come and re-visit with the parish.
  • Faith Learning team: this group prepares and offers opportunities to learn more about and better understand our faith. This helps us grow, which can help us feel confident to talk with others. When we know our faith better, we can help reach out and welcome others “to come home.” Also, for those returning to the faith, learning can help root the faith more joyously.



How can you help? Each of these committees would welcome additional help, either to plan and prepare events, or just to help at an event. Also, when we release our program schedule later this summer; we encourage you to participate in events and invite a friend.


Our Catholic faith can only thrive if we ALL reach out and welcome others to join us. Your participation will make a difference.


Contact the rectory, 413-583-3467, and let us know where you wish to help!

Thanks and God Bless you.

Deacon Keith