St. Elizabeth Outreach Service Program


The Outreach Service Program has been in effect for about 15 months and we have been able to assist parishioners with some of their needs in the following areas: Trips (doctor’s appts., pharmacy, weekend Mass, grocery shopping, hairdresser/barber shop, bank) and other tasks (sit with shut-in while spouse/companion runs errands, write letters, read to shut-in, cutting hair in the home, weekly phone call to shut-in and period visit to shut-in).


Unfortunately there were some instances where we couldn’t provide assistance because we didn’t have volunteers for some of the tasks. These are: praying the rosary, yard work, light housework, light home repairs, minor painting, snow blowing/shoveling, cooking an occasional meal for a shut-in and trips to support group meetings. We also need more people to provide rides as that is the most popular request that we have been receiving.


We are searching for new volunteers to assists in all the tasks so that we can expand the program. We need your help! The more volunteers that we have, the more people we can assist and the less often each volunteer will need to be called upon.


The Diocese requires that all volunteers who provide services to elderly or disabled people in their homes or in community-based settings must submit to a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check. This will require attending a short meeting to view a video and to complete a form for submission to the Diocese. Any new volunteer to this Outreach Service Program who currently is (1) a Eucharistic Minister or (2) is in the Religious Education Program (teacher, aide, etc.) and who has already had the CORI check through St. Elizabeth’s, will not be required to submit to an additional check. For those who need a CORI check, we will schedule the meetings at convenient times for everyone.


Finally, we need names of people to help out. Anyone needing assistance or any family member/friend requesting assistance for someone, please call Bev Dudley (583-2545) or Regina Middleton (583-3675). They will contact the appropriate volunteer and will have him or her contact the person needing assistance to schedule the visit.


Please keep in mind that this program is not only for shut-ins, but it is also for anyone in the parish who may be in need of assistance (for example, someone recovering from an injury or a hospital stay).


We look forward to continue to provide these worthwhile services to members of St. Elizabeth’s Parish Family.  Please click on the link to complete the form and either mail or drop in the collection basket.

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